Photo by Bryant Norman

Photo by Bryant Norman



Why she created Glorious Broads?

In February 2015 Glorious Broads was created by Maryjane Fahey because:

1. It was about time. She’s been germinating this Glorious Broads project for 3 decades – and now, she’s doing it. So there.

2. She can’t leave the house without meeting another Glorious Broad.

3. They fire her up. They make her look forward to the decades ahead with all that they’ve shared: their confidence, courage, grace, their passion, sexiness, power and wisdom, their worldliness and wit. SAGES...not saints! And they’re excellent drinking pals...

4. She wants to inspire younger women to say: I WANNA BE THAT LADY - versus being petrified of the next decades

5. She wants to see age fear mongering become a thing of the past in her lifetime.

What makes Maryjane a Glorious Broad?

1. She’s funny.

2. She doesn’t care what the world may think about her…except for you fellow GBs! And that took 40 years...but hey...

3. She likes her wrinkles. But her age is her biz...cause SAGE is not a number and age is just that: a number. And she doesn’t want to be put in a box...until the world is FREE of said age mongering.

4. She’s on her fifth reinvention but whose counting... Her last one was co-author of book DUMPED…

 Photo by Bryant Norman

Photo by Bryant Norman


Leah Rachel became one with ‘Glorious Broads ‘ because she aspires to be one when she grows up. But she doesn’t realize, that she already is one. Here’s why:

5 reasons Leah is a Glorious Broad:

1. She’s confident, talented, opinionated and the photographer for all the Broads, unless otherwise noted.

2. She’s hilarious and irreverent as hell.

3. She now “gets” the longevity the tender age of 22.

4. She carries around a deep inner peace. How’s that happen at 22?

5. She continues to remind us that being GLORIOUS is ageless...