An Icon (and Piece'a'Work) Sorely Missed ...

Photo Leah Runyan

Photo Leah Runyan

I thought she would last forever. But nothing, and no one does. 

Dinah Paisner, a remarkable woman my sister introduced me to. She was one of the first Glorious Broads I interviewed. An actress, a model, and a true GB. She “approved” of the project when we met one year ago. She said when I explained it to her “Sign me on. I like to stay involved. ” That is how Dinah talked. That is how she acted in life.

She didn’t tell me her age, "you'll make assumptions". I now know she left us at 96. But her VERVE... I have chased her for the past 9 months to show her the full array of spectacular pictures we took of her…and she was TOO BUSY for me. Yes, her calendar was FULL. 

At 96, I’ve chased her for the last 9 months — she’s been too busy — wha?

When she wasn’t USHERING at the theatre, she was acting, when she wasn’t seeing dance, she was dancing in a group. Non stop. 

I am sorry I did not put her interview up sooner. I was waiting for “the perfect moment” because she was so special. Now, that’s a lesson. The perfect moment is NOW.

RIP Dinah Paisner. The village will not be the same without you. And I wont be either …