That Core Thang ...

Daisy Duke and friends …

Daisy Duke and friends …

I always like to ask GBs in interviews: has your core changed?

They mostly say no. Core has not changed, but they've learned a whole lot along the way … mostly a deeper sense of self.

I look at this photo of me and my sisters and old lovers from 1,000000 years ago. And I think: I am absolutely in agreement.

My core has changed but I’ve learned so much.

Like, I would not dress like Daisy Duke any more. I mean, really. And I don’t wear my sexual power as the only power I have.

I wear all of my power for me, and sexual is just part of it.

It really was a matter of not knowing my full worth.

Always on the hunt … but for what?

A waste of that young woman’s energy — and a depletion of her talent … 

Not saying some adventures weren’t FUN ... but often clueless.

Aren’t we happy to be glorious grown-ups?