Talking and trashing mating habits — and business “trends” — with a very wise 36 year old GB, Mary Schafrath, over killer brewskies, — oops — I mean — over distinctive local craft beer:

“There’s nothing precious about today’s dating scene … or job market for that matter. Our society has evolved to a place where we are all disposable. No matter what your age, there are 100 people in line to design that logo or respond to emails at 11 at night. 1000 people to swipe right or left. 1 million ways to ghost someone. We’re like paper plates … all completely disposable. Screw that. I’m fine fuckin’ china and I am making my own rules.”

— Mary Schafrath, Top Boss, Creative Director, Distilled Studios


Chatting about professional life over a glass of vino in Linda Mason’s fabulous studio:

“I didn’t get “serious” about my career until I was in my late 20s, when I discovered makeup artistry and became passionate about it. I was too busy paaahtying (posh English accent). Then I realized I could do both: Party all night AND create beautiful faces during the day doing something I looooved!”

—   Linda Mason, Artist, Makeup Artist, Dream Follower


We took selfies on this beautiful day over lunch. I bitched when I saw my image. My pal, Patririce Wynne, stopped me in mid whine and shared these wise words from a young Mexico City friend:

Give it up, girlfriend. You are looking at a static image of yourself and the rest of us see the vivacity and the dynamism and the energy that is so appealing.

— Patrice Wynn, Entrepreneur, Owner, Abrazos Boutique