A Meaty Memoir Brewing ... Thanks Diana!

My latest idol…

My latest idol…

The most delicious obituary I have read in a very very long time. A true Glorious Broad who makes me only aspire to have something like this as the opening for my "final page” — minus the English bit: "Diana Athill, an Englishwoman who wrote a series of critically lauded memoirs chronicling her romantic and sexual liaisons over much of the 20th century, but who attained international literary celebrity in her 90s with the publication of an installment about the waning of desire, died on Wednesday in London. She was 101.”


My favorite line, however, was:
Jenny Diski reviewed the volume, "Somewhere Toward the End” with:

“Such a book is in itself a rare enough thing, but a book about old age written by a woman with a cold eye for reality and no time for sentimental lies is as rare as — well, as rare as a thoughtful discussion about a woman’s sexuality after the age of 60.” That was written in 2008.

Ah, those days are a changin’ — I may have started with the the book DUMPED and lots of sex pieces for HuffPost and AARP, but I see a meaty memoir in my very very very near future churning ... Thanks to you, Glorious Diana Athill